In 2019, we proudly supplied custom made a mosaic picture for the Chadstone Five star hotel.


The tiles are Caprici glass an Australian owned brand manufactured in China. We have been making our own custom mosaics. For just over eight years as there was a gap in the Australian market, traditionally these types of mosaics are made in Europe.

We are able to use the same quality glass and due to the proximity of our factory cut down the lead time to produce bespoke designs.

There are 77 sheets used, size 318x318mm and on each sheet there are 841 tiles. So in total 64,757 individual tiles.

11 different colours as per the attachment.

Caprici has a software system which scans in images and then transfers into a mosaic map. This map forms the basis of the outlines and colours, then a colour designer selects colours of tiles. We are able to run a simulation as to what the colour combination will look like. Then printed and mapped with a sheet number and colour code in each tile position.

The actual production process uses a template and each individual tile is placed by hand on each sheet. Each sheet is numbered and sent to our clients with the overall plan showing where each sheet needs to be placed.


We have made many bespoke floral tiles designs


We can custom make motifs or personal emblems at the bottom of the pool as well as feature patterns like a medusa or dolphin to give you a truly unique pool tile finish.

All the pool tiles for patterns are not cut meaning the full tile is used which makes it safe. As there are no sharp edges on the glass pool tiles or ceramic swimming pool tile.

In November 2016, we proudly supplied a custom made blend of ceramic tiles to a leading five star hotel in Melbourne. We can custom make any blend so your pool can look like a five star hotel

A trend now is to create a resort style swimming pool in your own backyard. We now cater for the balinese pool tile look which will make your friends feel like they are on a holiday resort


In August 2015, New York based artist TV Moore opened an exhibition named

TV Moore with Love & Squalor at ACCA.

Some beautiful are with a back drop of deep blue ceramic blue pool tiles proudly supplied by Direct Pool Tiles. The ceramic swimming pool tiles are our Napoli blue which look stunning.

Napoli Blue Ceramic Blue pool tiles

Napoli Blue Ceramic Blue pool tiles