Crystal Glass Pool tiles are a clear layer of glass on a colour backing. Crystal glass pool tile range is the Caprici brand which manufactures with Italian made machinery to make the colour backing.(no paper used)

This range is available in over 50 colours and sizes are 25mm/40mm/48mm. Custom sizes also available. (refer to Gallery page to see finished pools.Please note that the finished look page should be used as a guide for the color you desire. Our samples will always be slightly lighter than when the pool tile is in a large area with water. We will actually provide samples that match the finished look you are after which may not necessarily be the same tone as there is a variance of .80 in the tone from the finished look sample to the actual sample.Rest assured you will match the finished look however with glass the amount of light in a picture may slightly vary)



Blue Tones

Royal Blue  A051 Swimming Pool Tile

Capri A052 Swimming Pool Tile

Tahiti A053

A065 Midnight Blue darkest blue pool tile

Saphire A059 Pool Tile

Saphire Blue Pool Tile A059-h-1

A117 Kariba

Kariba Blue Pool Tile A117

A118 Chiara

A054 Toorak

A058 Gem

A058 Gem

A060 Cube

Turquoise Tones

A major factor contributing to the overall aesthetics of the swimming pool tiles will be the grout color chosen. One should avoid a strong contrast particularly in a darker color which may make the grout lines stand out and give a very busy effect. The epoxy grout finish is the most durable and recommended tile grout

An important aspect of laying glass pool tiles is to ensure the recommended adhesive and grout additive is used and this will ensure your tiles will outlast any other finish.

There are particular types adhesives for submersible use which is a critical aspect to the longevity of your tiling job.

Once installed correctly tiles will outlast all other finishes and will not fade or warp and require less maintenance than internal render or paint applications.

Caprici glass swimming pool tiles are suitable for both chlorine and saltwater pools. We sell many European brands of glass tiles and have over 500 colors in our range so we are sure we can provide you the look you desire.

We can custom make blends and colors for clients.

We can recommend complimentary grout colours and provide you guidance on the tile selection

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