Balinese Pool tiles are a natural stone which provide a beautiful green colour tone . These are a natural stone and have a natural variation in colours which provide a beautiful resort look.

The sukabumi is a stocked item and please call for a delivery quotation

These are individual tiles ten centimeters and are not mesh mounted due to their weight. The pool tile stone has natural water purifying properties and is suitable for both chlorine and saltwater swimming pools. The durability if installed correctly will be just as durable as any other pool tile. We have a recommended installation method which the adhesive company will guarantee the stone will not fall off for twenty five years.

The sukabumi pool tiles have two finishes a crystal finish and smooth finish. Unlike other sellers our are mixed accordingly so that you will achieve a natural variation.This is a natural stone and has natural iron deposits in the stone. The iron deposits can cause yellow dots on some pieces and varies from batch to batch.

There are only two colours volcanic grey stone and Sukabumi green.

Green Sukabumi Stone is a popular natural stone in the swimming pool tiles in many luxury villas around the world. It is natural stone since its has very unique green colour variations which provide a stunning effect in the water.

These pool tiles will give you a unique luxury resort look in your own back yard.

Sukabumi stone is quartzite stone that has a beautiful green hue which varies slightly on each piece. This unique quality and shades makes Sukumi green pool tiles provide the luxury resort look.

These pool tiles are a natural product will help you achieve a look of coolness and freshness.

This quatzite stone has many other advantages apart from looking amazing ;

It is thermally stable and does not absorb heat easily.

These swimming pool tiles do not scratch easily and provides grip underfoot.

The pool tiles have a high water resistance and has a very low absorption rate.

The standard size is 100×100 , these are sawn cut and there is a natural small variation in colours and thickness. They are individual tiles and not on a mesh.

Green sukabumi evokes a sense of luxury and a resort look. Often used for beautiful swimming pool tiles as an alternative to traditional pool tiles.

A great option for outdoor use thanks to its durability, thermal stability and non-slip properties, it also contains zeolite – a natural compound that helps to purify water. This purifying feature is not a widely known and cleaner option.

Green sukabumi does not require sealing if it is being used in dry areas, such as for garden landscaping or in the home.

If you’re using the natural stone for your pool, it is important that you seal the tiles at the waterline to avoid the wet and dry look contrast.

The sukabumi balinese pool tile naturally contains iron deposits which may appear as yellow spots when oxidation occurs but this will not be very visable when pool is filled. Also some pieces which have more crystal deposits may crumble prior to installation these pieces will need to be manually removed. In essence its a natural product with imperfections which provide the resort look

At the bottom of the page we also have a porcelain option which is a textured porcelain tile in sizes 97mmx97mm or 48mmx48mm which are mesh mounted and provide a similar look to the sukabumi pool tiles and lava stone pool tiles.


Balinese Pool Tiles

Pool tiles

sukabumi tiles

balinese pool tiles


Green Sukabumi Stone



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Lava stone coping custom made sizes

“Pool Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles

Balinese pool tiles

sukabumi stone


Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone tiles



Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles


Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles

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Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles

Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles

Porcelain Sukabumi styled

An an alernative 97mmx97mm or 48mm on mesh porcelain version.
This will look similar to Sukabumi and is mesh mounted. This range is available in three colours a green, darker olive grey and cream . This are a textured tile with a variation in the colour of each tile.

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