We are Ceramic Tiles wholesaler and also sell direct to public online. We can send you a sample and accept all credit cards and will deliver to your door.

You can buy online easily without the retail prices. We can even custom make a colour for you so you have a unique swimming pool water colour

Our complete a colour scheme we offer you the largest range of different colours of ceramic mosaics for fully tiling your pool, waterline tiles or feature walls we even custom make them. See our ceramic mosaics grouped by the different sizes. We offer ranging from 25mm to 48mm.

All our ceramic range is actually, in fact, Porcelain tiles.
Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic, and therefore less porous. Meaning they’re harder, therefore more durable and absorb less water. This makes them more suited to high footfall areas which will see heavy use.

Porcelain tile is made from clay, and other natural materials blended together and fired in a furnace. It’s known for being highly uniform in construction and non-porous. This makes it better for spaces with fluctuating temperatures and a more reliable option for radiant heating solutions.

Generally, porcelain tile comes in the same thicknesses as ceramic tile, but it’s heavier overall. It is also offered in more shapes and styles than ceramic tile is, which is why some people decide to go with the product.

We have dot adhesive mounting as well as mesh. We can custom make blends of ceramic tiles.This is a small selection of our range, our range can almost match any tile you find

These dot adhesive ceramic tiles exceed Australian standards

AS ISO 13007.2.2013 Tile adhesion strength

AS 3958.1.2007 Part 1 Tile adhesive coverage


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Ceramic Tiles

Dot Adhesive Ceramic Collection 3

  Ceramic Tiles Pool Tiles


Swimming Pool Tiles                   Ceramic Tiles


ceramic tiles                     Swimming pool tiles


pool tiles                    swimming pool tiles

        55391                                  55393

ceramicceramic pool tiles


swimming pool tiles



Custom Blend Langham Hotel refer Commercial pool tile page











Custom Blend                                                5611

5632                                               5603

Honolulu 4398                                      Step Edge Tiles

Vitrified textured Premium Porcelain Pool tiles


55438     APARTMENT COMPLEX IN MELBOURNE TILED BY WETSPOT . High commercial quality porcelain tiles

          pool tiles       

                                 Custom Grigio7 Premium Porcelain Pool

                                 tiles stunning water colour tone

          swimming pool tiles       ceramic tiles