Glass Pool tiles by Caprici are synonymous with aquatic luxury without the European price tag.

Custom made unique designs that will provide a luxury look. Our porcelain range  by Caprici  are not only aesthetically appealing but are very functional as well.

Iridescent high quality glass and porcelain feature tiles which can be custom made to suit a particular blend combinatio

You no longer have to pay European prices quality tiles, our Caprici Links range is of the highest quality glass and backed by silicon and these tiles are guaranteed in quality without the European price tag.

Achieving the most contact possible between the back of the tiles and the thin-set adhesive is crucial. Australian standards state that the exposed glue and mesh-free areas of the back of individual mosaic glass tiles should be a minimum of 80%. Some international standards are stricter, requiring a minimum 95% coverage of the back of the tile.

The greater surface exposure offered by dot mounted technology allows for increased adhesion to the back of the tile. This offers greater flexibility for a good tiler to manipulate the joints, bedding them really well into the adhesive.

The mosaic tiles are suitable for the walls and floors of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas and all kinds of water features. At only 4mm thick and lighter than other glass mosaics, these tiles are easy to install. With beautifully fine smooth corners and a thin grout joint, the pool tiles will look and feel amazing in your swimming pool.

The Links system creates a maximum bond with the back of the glass swimming pool tiles.

It also doesn’t intrude into the grout joint of the tiles so you can achieve full, uninterrupted grout coverage. With other dot-mounted glass tiles, you often see that the grout comes off after some time.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the Links Pool Tile system has revolutionised swimming pool tile application.




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