Pearl Mosaics Glass Shimmer effect

Caprici pool glass pearl range tiles are an opulent designer swimming pool interior finish. The glass pearl mosaic range features an iridescent mother of pearl glass body available in multiple colour choices that create a stunning shimmering effect.

The pearl finish allows these tiles to shimmer in the sunlight with a luxury reflective quality. As the sunlight levels change and the movement of water will create an amazing luxury look.

Our expert team will also be able to advise you what the actual colour of the water will be with particular tile colours, for example, our white glass tiles will be a shimmering light blue effect. We also have many finished pool images so that you can be sure you will achieve the exact look you are after.

The pearl finish is the ultimate luxury effect achieving a shimmering effect just not possible with ceramic or traditional pool tiles.

The pearl white finish is a minimalistic colour to achieve a luxury look water that will blend in with most surrounds and finishes.

Italian designed Pearl series . The most reflective iridescent tile providing a luxury look which shimmers with spectacular effect.

WA11  Shades of Blue Pool Tiles. This is tile was featured on Television Show “Australia’s best homes – luxury waterfront home in Pelican Waters Qld” Caprici Sky blue pearl

Caprici pearl

Caprici pearl tiles

Caprici pearl tiles

Caprici pearl

WA12 Saphire Pearl

Caprici pearl

Caprici pearl

Caprici pearl

WA13 Baby Blue

Caprici pearl

Caprici pearl

Caprici pearl


Caprici pearl

Caprici pearl

Caprici pearl


WA17 Deep Sea Pearl

Shades of Green Pool Tiles

WA24 Mermaid Pearl



PEARL WHITE refer to finished pool page for more photo’s. The pure white reflects a light blue outdoors as below

Modern Black


With our feature wall pattern collection

Many variations to match any decor attached is a selection of the many more we stock.









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