Commercial pool tiles & Premium Vitrified ceramic Pool tiles in a non slip range.

Australian distributor of German made GAIL tiles which have been used at the following Olympic games;
Melbourne 1956
Munich 1972
Montreal 1976
Moscow 1980
Seoul 1988
Barcelona 1992
Sydney 2000
Athens 2004
Beijing 2008

We have completed a variety of commercial projects from a luxury hotel for the Sultan of Oman in Oman to many five star resorts. In 2019 we supplied glass mosaics for the Chadstone five-star hotel in Victoria.

We have also proudly made a custom made blend for the Langham hotel in Melbourne.

We have supplied many schools and even one of the first Olympic size pools to be fully tiled in glass tiles for the Lightning Ridge Council pool.

Our commercial pool tiles are guaranteed for water absorption and have stood the test of time being the most durable type of pool tile you can achieve.

Caprici Pool floor and wall tiles have been specifically developed for swimming pool interiors on large scale projects. Available in smooth glazes, as well as slip-resistant surfaces that make them safe. Caprici pool tiles provide the ideal underwater solution from competition pools to leisure pools or hydrotherapy pools.

As part of the Caprici pool tiles series, a great selection of compatible colours and modular formats are available, to provide creative scope for designer and pool architects.

Pool designers realize that tiles are the most durable material for the interior of a pool as the finish will outlast all other types of pool interiors.

Caprici commercial pool tiles that have more exposure to the rear of the tile than meshed tiles which makes them more durable as the adhesion level is much higher.

Our commercial pool tiles are available in a number of different colours as well as sizes. As we manufacture these we can also make custom colours to make your project unique. You can ask one of our experts to assist you with the selection process.

The lead time from when you order to site delivery in most cases is less than eight weeks. We can provide definite dates so that your project is completed on time.

Commercial Pool
Unglazed Swimming Pool Tiles

Custom made blend for Langham hotel

Walls 3 blend pool tile pattern

Floor 5 blend pool tile pattern including gold

Customised pool pattern Five star hotel in Middle East proudly supplied by our company 2018

Commercial Pool in non slip JWB80033 Vitrified tile

commercial pool tiles

Swimming pool tiles

commercial pool tiles

swimming pool tiles

Commercial swimming pool in Caprici glass tiles 48mmx48mm Tahiti blue

One of Australia’s first local council pools to be fully tiles in Caprici Glass tiles trusted quality tiles.