Accoustic box soundproof boxes


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The Acoustic Box company specialises in manufacturing soundproof boxes, specifically designed for enclosing and reducing noise from pool pumps, compressors and other noisy machinery.

We supply and deliver to all areas in Australia. Our thick galvanised steel enclosures are powder coated and fitted with acoustic grade foam to reduce noise by up to 80%.

The boxes come in multiple sizes and 10 different colours. Custom sizes and colours are available on request.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE… SOUNDPROOF COMPLIANCE SAVE $$$ ON ENERGY BILLS! The Acoustic Box is lined with quality, 20mm thick acoustic grade foam, translating into a reduction of 80% in noise levels! This means you can use your pump during off-peak hours saving you money. The noise reduction is certified by an Acoustic Engineer’s report. SUPERIOR DESIGN Industrially engineered to provide enhanced sturdiness yet lighter than other models on the market. Gas struts and removable door provides easy access. Made from thick 0.9mm BlueScope galvanised steel and finished with Dulux Colorbond powder coating. A 7 Year Warranty provides peace of mind. Ventilation gaps allow for air circulation without any water leaks or compromising noise abatement. Assembly takes as little as 15-30 minutes – NO NUTS & BOLTS, no screws or special tools required! There are only 3 different parts which simply click together in just a few minutes. Most models can be assembled by one person with no building experience with a Youtube clip and illustrated assembly instructions with every order.



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