Spanish dot mounted Swimming Pool Tile Collection

Spanish tiles are 23mm glass tiles which are available in non slip version as well. Available in dot mounted or mesh mounted. These are made from recycled glass and the most environmentally friendly option. 


Niebla Pool Tile Range

Tahiti Blue

Iris Pool Tile Range

Deep Ocean Blue

Lisa Pool Tile Range



IN1209 Baby Blue Pearl

NIM574 Iris Ocean Mix

N1206 Niebla Perfection Blue

NIM2205 Iris Mix Perfect Lagoon Mix

N1205 Niebla Shimmer Blue

N1205 Iris Spring Green

N1002 Niebla Bays Water

From recycled glass, spanish tiles range provides an environmentally friendly option in selecting pool tiles. The colour variety is huge with over fifty options.

Our glass mosaic tiles by Caprici is synonymous with aquatic luxury. With a large colour palette of vibrant colors, a variety of surface finishes and shapes, you can create an eye-catching swimming pool unique pool. Whether you are looking for a simple waterline, patterned water line, entire glass tile pool installation, or a feature wall with a custom mosaic mural for your residential or commercial setting, we can help create a glass tile masterpiece that fits your setting.

We are happy to special order your chosen glass tiles on dot mounted for maximum rear adhesive exposure.

Since 2012, CapriciGlass Mosaics has turned ordinary spaces into elegant works of art with the highest quality glass mosaic tile in a vibrant array of colours.

We proudly use recycled glass in this range which sets us apart from other glass tile manufacturers. Because our products are Australian owned, we offer fast turnaround times for custom made colours. Whether you choose from a variety of pre-defined styles or wish to create your own design, CapriciGlass Mosaics can accommodate your wishes, turning your vision into a beautiful reality.

We offer the ability to create your own blend from any colour in our palette or modify an existing standard blend by modifying the percentages of an item or substituting colours to give you a truly unique pool.

If you require a physical sample, we will gladly send you a free sample.