Date :31-03-2020;

31st March 2020

In most cases grout should blend in so that it does not make the grout lines stand out. Also bright grout colours can stain in the long run. Too much of a contrast can make the grout lines look busy and unattractive.

Important Tips

A fully glass tiled pool has always been considered the most durable interior for swimming pools. The pool tiles are the most visible aspect of the swimming pool aspect so a lot of consideration needs to be made to the final look you are after in the water colour tone which is entirely dependant on the swimming pool tiles chosen. In recent times glass pool tiles have grown in popularity due to their versatility and functional qualities. Glass pool tiles will not warp or fade and require less maintenance than previously common ceramic or porcelain tiles. In addition glass pool tiles reflect light in a way that makes them appear iridescent, and sparkling, making your pool a much brighter and more inviting .

Not only does glass swimming pool tiles offer more options in terms of colour varieties , they are also made with a different text and finish. This enables the glass to reflect the variation with stunning impact over a larger area.

Please keep in mind that looking at actual small tile samples that they will look different over a larger area and even more so with water. The tiles will tend to look a slightly darker tone than actually the tile samples.

This is why you should focus on selecting your swimming pool tiles on the final look or finished gallery and our specialised swimming pool tile consultants can assist in the colour selection to achieve that look.  

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