The finished gallery is a useful guide to narrow down the look of colour you wish the pool tiles to look like. Its not a definitive guide as sometimes the lighting effect on glass tiles is not accurately captured but will be usually a good indication of what he water will look like.

Looking at the individual tile sometimes is deceptive as the same tile in a large area and then covered in water will look different. Generally speaking the colour tone will be a shade darker and then different types of glass tiles will have a different impact on the effect.

A052 48mm Crystal Glass Electric Blue


Award Nominated xb11 Sky Blue Pearl as seen on Television show Australia’s best homes

A58 Vetro Designer Range

Azure Sparkle V92 From Designer Range 1 (above)

Above A040 Verde natural light green

WJ28 15mm wall tiles

A052 Electric Blue 25mm

Crystal Glass White the brighter the day the more blue effect on color tone of the water

Oro Range O62

A58 Gem Crystal Glass

A117 Kariba

A58 Gem Crystal Glass

Euro non slip collection

A118 Chiara Pool Tile

Light Blue Mix

Dark Blue Bend

XB11 Iridescent Pearl

Volcanic Lava Stone and Sukambi Balinese resort pool  tiles

Volcanic Lava Stone and Sukambi Balinese resort pool  tiles

A051 Royal Blue with Versace pattern

Tahiti Blue A053


CERAMIC ID55435 natural look

id55435 pool tiles

A063 Quartz Vetro Glass




Silvy 15mm glass



Ceramic ID3477

A20 Ocean Blue

Vetro A63

Grigio7 ceramic 48mm in light grey.

XB17 Blue pearl with white pearl border

A059 Saphire Blue




Custom 200mm Royal blue and Versace Border.

A052 Capri Blue