Designer Premium Range Pool tiles

The ultimate luxury iridescent glass tiles by Caprici synonymous with aquatic luxury

TGG224 Pavarotti

Frost proof and impervious to liquids and vapors; resistant to fading, staining and discoloration.

A much more sophisticated option than traditional ceramic tiles provides a more luxury effect only glass pool tiles can.

From a design perspective, glass mosaic pool tiles provide wonderful opportunities to achieve a particular colour, whether subdued neutrals or bold brighter colours. We offer hundreds of designer range glass pool tiles. They show off plenty of special effects, too, from “metallics to matte sea glass to textural treatments that mimic variegated stone or woven fabric.“ Glass mosaic tiles offer so much variety today. You can really put your own stamp on a pool with our customized colour service.

But glass mosaic tile is more than just a pretty face. In terms of performance, durability and hygiene, it offers an impervious surface that inhibits mold, mildew, and bacteria. And more good news: As demand and improvements in manufacturing have made the style options soar. They’ve also brought prices down to a reasonable level.

Our Caprici tiles are as high quality as many European brands without the heft price tags. Our backings come in a variety of options and our tiles are guaranteed not to absorb water. In fact, if installed correctly the glass tile option will outlast many other types of interiors such as paint or renders which will have to be replaced over time.

The glass pool tile option will not be the cheapest compared to these other inferior pool interiors. It will over time be worth that extra installation cost as it will prove to be the most durable finish. The versatility of colour options is one of the greatest benefits to achieve the luxury look that shimmers in the sunlight and provides a dynamic look.