Colour tones on this page include: green, black and white tones.

Full Colour Chart below

A040 Mint  More images in Finshed gallery of this pool


A215 Sandy

Black Sleek Modern Look

White will reflect the sky blue into the water

Colour Chart of Crystal glass pool tiles

The crystal glass is a tile with a clear layer of glass and a colour backing which is waterproof. This is available in a large variety of colours. The benefit of this variety is the clear layer of glass has a highly reflective quality which has a beautiful effect on the look of the water that ceramic pool tiles does not have.

The crystal glass pool tiles are available in 25mm and 48mm sizes and are dot mounted which provides maximum adhesion exposure to the rear of the tile so that they will outlast most.

The depth of the glass and reflective qualities enhance the look of the pool to create a luxury effect that only glass pool tiles can. The effect will provide a dynamic look that changes with the different levels of light throughout the day.

We have been manufacturing our own brand Caprici glass tiles for over ten years and provide a quality assurance warranty that most manufacturers do not with their glass tiles.

Glass pool tiles have become a popular choice at the waterline recently, and there are many reasons why this is the case. What could be better than glass to complement the transparency of water and have such a large variety of colours.

The cost is more than traditional ceramic pool tiles but here are some reasons why they are the more popular choice:

  • Glass pool tiles are water resistant and non-permeable
  • The glass pool tiles are frost-proof and very durable
  • The glass swimming poolltiles resist fire, heat, and UV rays
  • Glass tiles can cope with temperature changes
  • Glass swimming pool tiles are a very long life span and are low-maintenance